Why add supplements?

The RESET/ Healthy for Life program designed by USANA and Dr. Ray Strand includes 5 days of low-glycemic  shakes and bars to cut the carbohydrate cravings and jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.  It also includes 5 days of USANA’s Healthpak 100 to provide the necessary micronutrients that help reduce insulin insensitivity. 


 Sometimes people new to RESET ask why the supplements are so important in this program.   A high glycemic diet with the resulting rollercoaster of blood sugar levels stimulates the production of stress hormones, causing inflammation.   Over  years, this inflammation causes insulin resistance and the harmful metabolic changes associated with it, including endothelial dysfunction in the arteries.  Several studies show convincing data that supplementation with antioxidants vit C and vit E together reverse this  endothelial dysfunction caused by the elevated blood sugars.  Dr. Antonio Ceriello makes a special note of the fact that multiple antioxidants work together in the body synergistically and it is hard to separate them out and try to study them individually.  For example, vit C helps regenerate vit E.  Vit E not only helps reduce oxidative stress , but also improves insulin function – it helps glucose transport as well as improves the pancreatic cell response. 

 Chromium levels are critical for the proper functioning of insulin and also for proper fat and glucose metabolism.  Depending on the degree of insulin insensitivity,  people lose their ability to convert chromium into a useable form.  In fact, chromium is now routinely added to IV nutrition solutions for very ill diabetic patients. 

 Other micronutrients have a role in improving insulin sensitivity as well.  Dr. Thompson and  Dr Godlin found strong evidence that supplementing their patients’ diet with zinc, manganese, glutathione, seleniu, and vanadium improved insulin sensitivity. 

The bottom line? If your goal for participating is to cut the carbohydrate cravings and increase your body’s insulin sensitivity (with a side effect of weight-loss),  the best way to accomplish this goal is to add optimal levels of supplementation to your program of low-glycemic foods and appropriate exercise.   You need the micronutrients to be complete and balanced for them to work together in synergy.  When proper balance is met at optimal levels, the result will enhance your body’s natural immune, antioxidant, and repair system.  

 Know anyone who wants to jumpstart their move off the glycemic rollercoaster?  Invite them to participate in our  5-Day Reset program starting Nov 30.  They are welcome to join our  5-Day Reset facebook group

 To Your Health!