Meet Robin

The perennial tomboy while growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I spent whole summers camping by Lake Allatoona, swimming, sailing and water-skiing. I met my best friend, my husband, at UNC –Chapel Hill while working on my B.S. in Biology. I’m always thankful how Kent, a chemist, helped me survive analytical chemistry class!

We have been married over 30 years, and have two sons. My oldest, Ryan, was married as of May 28, 2011. I love being mom-in-law to a daughter- you’ll have to ask Ashley if she feels the same.

My younger son, Kevin, has had health challenges his whole life: starting with a diagnosis of diabetes at 17 months, with resulting brain injury. He helps me realize what is truly important in life.

I am a nature lover, gardener, backpacker, and fabric artist. Do visit my garden. Don’t ask to see my quilting room unless you understand the ways of a creative mind….hey- that’s organized mess.

I am a student and a teacher all in one. I am compassionate and often provide for others much more readily than for myself. I enjoy meeting new people, but don’t collect names. Relationships are much more important.

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