First Week of a Little Healthy Competition

So my first week on a healthier lifestyle is behind me.   My wins?   For me, the greatest joy has been the continued enthusiasm of my son.   He LOVES that instant gratification of checking off points!   He is trying new foods and new exercises- even said that today he is willing to participate in a yoga session with me.  ( extra points for a new activity, and doing something with a buddy increases his interest)  HUGE WIN!

On a personal level, I’m finding that on most accounts, I’m doing quite well.  The hardest part for me is keeping up with the points… they are just not motivating for me ( but I’m THRILLED that they are for my son)  The second hardest part is drinking enough water- I tend to go about my day not thinking about water, and then find myself dehydrated.   Now I carry my water bottle with me everywhere I go.

Healthy eating has been a joy- and really not a challenge for our family.   I stock up on many organic veggies and fruits at the local farmer’s market in Carrboro, and then just eat my way through their delicious goodness!  This past week was peppers:  take a look at my blog on sweet peppers for nutrition info and an easy salad recipe.

It turned cooler this weekend, so my family wanted something warm and comforting.  Who doesn’t like chicken soup?   I made it myself with organic chicken, fresh okra, zucchini, carrots, onions, tomatoes and garlic.  Spiced up and hot- just the way my family likes it.  Instead of adding noodles, I added white beans for more nutrition and fiber.

Yesterday my family wanted chili.  I used up the the remainder of the colorful peppers, sauteed with some red onion and garlic.

Then I added chunks of sweet potato, chilies, black beans, kidney beans, and tomatoes ( I was out of fresh tomatoes, so I used diced, canned, with no salt) The sweet potato made this meal filling and added a little bit of natural sweetness.  Some cumin, salt and pepper to taste, and no one missed the meat at all!

Topped with a little greek yogurt and some green onions, it was delicious!

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  1. mlabaw
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 23:07:08

    Wow, Robin, great recipes and timely too, with the colder weather coming on. I’m excited to see more!


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