Kicking the Processed Food Blues

Do you have the Processed Food Blues?

I don’t think I could even eat that stuff any more.   I am loving my second day on my health journey!

In The Healthy Edge we have 5 goals:

  1. Eat healthy and low-glycemic every 2-3 hours
  2. Eat 6 or more Super Foods daily
  3. Drink 80 oz or more of pure, clean water
  4. Exercise 45 min or walk 10,000 steps
  5. Take a high quality pharmaceutical grade supplement as directed.
For the Little Healthy Competition we have very similar goals using a graded point system for a long list of specifics.
My son is thriving on this!  He woke up this morning and decided right off to run around the long block with our dog.  I wasn’t to be outdone, so I took the time to do some weight work and Yoga while he was gone.  Peace!
Breakfast was steel-cut oatmeal with fresh fruit- not some boxed cereal for us!
I had errands to run, and left my son actually meditating, doing some relaxation exercises.  (you’ve got to know my son- he has a severe anxiety disorder, and I am always trying to get him to practice his relaxation exercises, but am frequently met with resistance)
Then after a healthy lunch filled with fresh raw veggies and fruit,  we headed out to the garden to prepare it for the fall planting.   Most of the time, I’m begging my son to help.   Not only did he work diligently beside me, but then decided on his own to mow the entire lawn.
Snacks and plenty of water during this busy afternoon.  ( I must admit, eating every 3 hours and drinking 80 oz of water is the greatest challenge for me)
A healthy dinner: delicious baked eggplant with tomato sauce and a large salad.   And I’m still feeling energized.
Will this last?  I don’t know- but I sure had a great day today!

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